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How do I say it? I don’t think it’s fair that money trumps the individual. In public speech? Why do we have 2b subjected to guess + american apparel ads.

Sure, we could rent ad space on a bus or billboard, but let’s not pretend there’s any kind of even playing field between a corporation and an individual.

We tune out the ads everywhere. What else do we tune out.

Maybe you’re on your way home? Do you want to look at an advertisement?

Didn’t you pay to take the bus? It seems unfair to have to look at an ad for some sappy romance

Are you on your way to work now?

Friendship through commerce – not impossible. Control through excessive ads – constant reminders of the price of everything takes away from what really matters

Advertising – words + graphics intended to sell something to the viewer. Private property land or stuff owned by someone (or a company or corporation). Owner can rent ad space on their billboard. What I don’t get is how our eyespace being taken up by their untruthful messages (i.e.: happy people banking). is allowed to be the visual landscape of our lives without our permission can I say here that I hate CHASE without being sued?

Guilt & Pleasure

Qual Kristin

Loves Josh

Focking (unlegible text)


Everyones always looking at everyone else as a customer 

Money shouldn’t be everything 

People need permits to gather in large groups meanwhile time warner is all over the side of a building and disney (yuck!) owns time square. How is it that personal speech isn’t the most revered? Street art + anyone who wants to write on the wall or paste a sign should be allowed, given priority, over ads selling something especially over any faceless corporation. I’m not so against a small family business getting the word out. Profits need to be weighted against quality of life.

Only messages with an agenda let me sell myself to you. Visual pollution. Ask the viewer. Why are ads ok + graf not

Meditation doesn’t helps. One mans tasteful is another mans eyesore. No quiet. 

This is a message to everyone that’s alive today. This is our world. It’s up to us how we want to live. Do we want to live like this – where every bit of public space is a cacophony of messages who’s sole purpose is to get us to buy stuff – services, products, policies, agents, a whole structure of adult life is company and brand alliances. 

The junk mail in my mailbox is printed on paper that cannot be recycled.

Why is every surface blaring some ad at me. TMobile SPRINT Verizon Everyone hates – these companies. I was at a grocery store in line the other day. It had sponsored fox news sports playing ___> I like grocery shopping. I find it to be a time for me to be quietly with my thoughts. So when I was subjected to fox just to buy my items I felt frustrated, stressed + offended. 

Every time you buy something from time war – target you’re supporting their ads. Ads are distracting for drivers but they also take away from time to think. 

I thought automation + mechanization was supposed to give us more free time more leisure, more time to read, write, make music, travel hangout with friends, instead, made up jobs, marketing, incessant advertising. 

When you see ads, do you think about how many hours you have to be at work to pay for that thing, that poor guy at starbucks – what did he deserve to have to stay there all day, everyday, ? 

Why have we sold every inch of our visual field to the highest bidder – just because someone has the most money, doesn’t mean they have the most important thing to say. Advertising is the biggest waste of (squandering) of resources, marketing, spin, hype + lies meant to sell something no one wants or it would sell itself. 

Its the big companies we’ve heard about that are the worst

A store window could have a gradient color window that disappears at certain time of day 

I remember hating t mobile finally got out of that contract so I hate them a little less I have a friend who’s being robbed by at&t she thought she was just renewing her service, turns out they were upgrading 3 lines so she got a $380 bill. Any company that tricks you into buying something + won’t let you out of a contract where you didn’t mean to sign up in the first place, is selling garbage no wants in the first place. 

Why are we ok with having our cities look like this? Contemporary life could be more fun + more mellow

You know how relaxing it is to look at trees and even streets + buildings without ads! Even the signs in store windows take up mind space.

Grafitti artwork + personal expression by everyone who wants to – the voices of individuals – who are not trying to sell something are much more beautiful + better for societal well being btw have you noticed the word "wellness” is being applied to everything lately? Marketing its marketing.

Kristin loves josh

I’m not against private property everyone needs their own private space – especially with the onslaught of sales pitches but there should be some tangible recognition that ads add to public stress + we have to look at them just because we’re outside

Somebody maybe many people making money by presenting a monopolized life view if I’m reading ads I’m not thinking about art, and not inventing, not being philosophical, things about capitalism I like —> C The big C – is that I pick my on career or whatever, but when everything is for sales everything has to sell, money starts becoming the only virtuous goal – wining at any cost which is detrimental to the collective. 

I can appreciate the effort of an ad that tries to be funny – but I don’t really see those outside. What would be on signs if it wasn’t advertising? Could be nothing that would be better. We could look to social media for examples for what might be in the public sphere even personal ads would be fun.

We’re losing public space all together – parents are arrested for letting their kids play outside or walk to school unsupervised how did this happen?

Quality of life

It’s hard to get away in my mind when everywhere I look another ad in my face

On a bus shelter someone could publish a poem

We’re sitting ducks for outdoor advertisers. A captive audience can’t escape it + stay in a city in USA

Peoples lives wasted working in marketing offices. The way I feel about ads + spam etc is I’ll let you know if I want it

When you think of chase ads fill me with dread because they make me think about my rent + my bills + my student loans + how much money I have to make every day forever. I don’t know if it’s just me or if I have add or something but having to keep up with bills + everything everyday is really stressful, even if I have money plus am making money. You never know what the future holds ads just remind me of stress even more.

People like to entertain each other + be entertained think youtube vimeo companies that rely on that 

This is a call to the people to say no more advertisements in public spaces our eye space should not be used as a place to sell us stuff I didn’t opt in to receive 

These guess+Target ads. I'm not receiving any benefit for my attention as it is we pay a lot of sales taxes in cali – it should be enough that we don’t have to look at ads everywhere

Ideally signs in public places would not have any commercial component. Vandalism is in the eye of the beholder. Money talks + everything else has to listen.

How much energy does it take to block out ads? Wouldn’t it be better to just be calm drink in the visual silences they, you sell landscape sights cape + it causes stress. It might be less people + more ads that cause stress. Does anyone see a credit card ad + think of luxury goods + a vacation to st. tropez. I think of bills, deadlines, money I have to make by keeping my feelings in check

Everyone always looking at everyone as a customer

Sell yourself to me

Don’t you think you should get paid for looking at all the corporate branding

Yes to art not ads

It’s another bleak day

Eye pollution

Ads never say what they mean

Be nice because you never know who might buy something from you

Arbitrary isn’t good

What would this sign say if it wan’t trying to sell you something

Everyone needs customers

Lies <3

I just can’t stand anymore meaningless shirt****

Sell yourself to me 

don’t you want a more pleasant life

Ulterior motives


If you’re rich I’m not talking

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I believe in some sort of translation of the life force into the object of the painting. Rather than being a window or a mirror, I strive to make an object that feels like a presence, even if the viewer is blindfolded.

I'm also really interested in the flatness of the picture plane - whether or not there's the illusion of space on the canvas, the truth is it's colored areas placed next to each other on a flat surface - that are actually stacked up on top of each other given the normal orientation of a painting hanging on the wall. I get lucky when abstract composition reads distinctly at the same time as (and often in opposition to) painted imagery.

I started painting seriously in the late 80's.  One of the main motivations for painting initially, was that I wanted to visually communicate to other people like me (misfits) and tell them they weren't alone like I wished someone would have done for me. My relationship with painting has changed over the years, becoming something my life is organized around.  Painting really gives back. Each painting leads to another painting and back into other paintings and forwards to more new paintings.  It makes for a very rich inner life expressed on the outside.

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